Which materials affect the fireproof effect of LED video wall screen

There is fire risk in LED electronic screen. First, wire. In most applications of electronic screen, the larger the unit area display of electronic screen is, the greater the power consumption is, which also has higher requirements for the power on stability of wire rod. In many wire products, the use of wire that meets the requirements of national standards can ensure its safety and stability.

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Second, power supply. UL certified power supply products are also the best choice when selecting similar products, and their useful conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of power load, and can also work normally under extremely hot external environment temperature..

Fourth, plastic kits. The plastic package is mainly the application data of the unit module mask bottom shell, and the primary material is the PC glass fiber data with flame retardant function. It not only has flame retardant function, but also can not deform, not become brittle and cracked in high and low temperature and long-term use. It can effectively block the rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior and then cause short circuit Fire.
In addition to the internal raw materials will affect the fire protection function, external planning such as heat dissipation is also very important. LED outdoor electronic screen work in high temperature, power consumption is a big test, if it is a large area of electronic screen, it will increase the difficulty of heat dissipation. In the past, the large outdoor screens were all assisted by electric fans, and later developed into self-contained air-conditioning equipment. In addition, we can not ignore the elements formed in the later protection project.  light reminds users that in a word, the fire prevention problem of LED electronic screen needs to be careful everywhere.

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