we have installed another P6 outdoor led video wall in JS mall

We have installed this 48 sqm P6 outdoor led wall, using nationstar leds.

p6 led wallp6 outdoor led video wall (1)P6 outdoor LED display screen is an outdoor display screen with a spacing of 6 mm between LED beads. The conventional models of outdoor LED display screen include P4, p4.4, P5, P6, p6.67, P8, P10, p16, etc. in this paper, the outdoor LED display screen of Qipu photoelectric P6 is introduced.
P6 outdoor LED display screen products are suitable for outdoor advertising media, government and enterprise engineering, cultural tourism, sports competition, image publicity, commercial real estate and other outdoor applications.
Features of P6 outdoor LED display
Module features:
Unique mask design, dark black color, high contrast.
Unified module size 320mm*320mm. the first mock exam
Symmetrical and uniform, firm and flat.
The module adopts smd2727 lamp, which has good heat dissipation and good weather resistance.
Constant current drive, 1 / 6 scan.
Outdoor high density products, brightness of 5500 CD / m2, has the advantages of good light distribution curve and good angle consistency.
Box features:
960 * 960 standard iron box, suitable for all 320 * 320mm modules
Unified installation hole position, unified waterproof rubber ring, unified screw specification, unified power line and interface, unified box specification, unified packaging size, unified steel structure design.
IP65 waterproof grade

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