We are assembling P6.67 outdoor front access in our led screen workshop

P6.67 front service outdoor LED display has been launched by us, this front access LED screen module is mainly aimed at foreign markets and domestic markets, such as large shopping malls, windows, and other special places. The front maintenance LED large screen is installed on the wall and does not require maintenance channels. It effectively solves the screen body The problem of insufficient installation space.

p6.67 front service led video wall (1) p6.67 front service led video wall (2) p6.67 front service led video wall (3) p6.67 front service led video wall (4)

1. Super heat dissipation

The module adopts an all-aluminum bottom case design, the heat on the PCB board is directly transferred through the aluminum material on the bottom case, and the heat generated by the driver IC is directly dissipated through the aluminum bottom case to improve the stability of the screen body and delay the screen The brightness is attenuated. (The thermal conductivity of plastic is about 1/500-1/600 of metal, and the thermal conductivity of aluminum is about 3 times that of metal.)

2. Super waterproof

Fully enclosed module kit, which hides all IC and PCB. A waterproof ring is used on the back of the module. The module power cord and cable are designed in a three-in-one design (common modules have two cable holders and a power holder). The double protection of the sealing pad and waterproof ring prevents water vapor from entering from the rear terminal, improving the service life of electronic components, and the protection level reaches IP68.

The PCB board on the back of the traditional module is exposed to the air for a long time, which is susceptible to moisture, dust, corrosive gas and other hazards.

3. V0 fire protection standard

The product uses high temperature resistant raw materials, the highest fire rating V0 standard, can be directly cooked in boiling water, can withstand 130 degrees high temperature inspection.

4. Dual front maintenance design of lock catch and magnetic attraction

(1) The module is designed for maintenance before locking, and it can be easily removed directly with a special wrench, and the module is pulled out at the same time, patent number: 201620711795.1. After the ordinary four-angle wrench is disassembled, the module needs to be pulled out manually. The power supply and control card can also be removed directly from the front without leaving a maintenance channel and can be used under the swimming pool.

(2) The back of the module is designed with magnet holes. Use special strong magnets to install in the designated holes. The tools can be used for maintenance and disassembly.