The good and bad sides of advertising led video displays

With the development of LED display screen industry, the led video walls are more diversified, from the previous indoor and outdoor led panels to the current high-definition 4K led billboards P0.9 P1.25 P1.5, a wide range. But people often only pay attention to the good side of LED, no one understands its negative side. Let’s briefly talk about the other side of the LED electronic screen.
LED electronic screen is an indispensable element to embellish a vibrant city and improve the quality and taste of the city, but now this indispensable element has gradually become an unbearable part of the daily life of citizens. As a new type of outdoor advertising carrier, LED electronic display screen is highly praised by the advertising media industry for its bright color, clear image and large amount of information. It brings a large amount of commodity information to the public, and then comes a series of problems such as endless noise pollution, light pollution and visual interference. LED electronic display screen has gradually become a double-edged sword, which is more and more popular More inclined to stab the surrounding citizens.

led video wall
One by one bright LED electronic screen circularly plays the advertisement “teasing” the purchase desire of every passer-by, bringing infinite reverie to people, but also boring the surrounding businesses and passers-by. In addition to the noise, the light pollution and visual interference caused by the bright and dark picture switching of the city’s LED electronic screen are also abhorrent to the public. Drivers with experience in driving will consciously avoid these LED electronic screens, but for those private owners or novices who occasionally pass by, it may have a greater impact. If they are attracted by the display screen, their eyes are shaken, and it is easy to have traffic accidents, and it is difficult to define the responsibility of such traffic accidents, the owners often pay full responsibility. Often, these commercial buildings with LED electronic display screens are only one street away from the residential area. At night, the bright or dark, colorful pictures are switched. They are illuminated through the residents’ windows and affect the normal rest. More and more residents complain that they have to endure noise at home at night and will be disturbed by the strong light from the LED electronic screen.
According to the insiders, the purpose of advertising on LED electronic screen is to let more citizens know the advertising content of the merchants and expand their popularity. If the volume is reduced, the citizens will not pay attention to the content of the screen, which will inevitably affect the advertising effect, reduce the brightness of the screen, reduce the advertising effect in the evening, and the advertising company cannot meet the requirements of the merchants. For the advertising company For example, more customer resources will be lost, so it is difficult to take both into account to ensure the publicity effect of businesses while not affecting the lives of citizens. However, the interests of businesses have damaged the health of citizens. When they play the game, whether to sacrifice the health of citizens to improve GDP, or to take people-oriented and respect public opinion as the first important point for administrative decision-making, has become the inner expectation of many citizens.