Some details about purchasing LED digital advertising wall

In recent years, LED electronic screen industry has developed rapidly, LED video wall is a hot new media advertising technology. Compared with other display technologies such as LCD display and projection, LED advertising digital panel has the advantages of bright color, stable display, long service life, wide visual range, etc., and has been applied and developed in the fields of commercial advertising, intelligent monitoring, high-end conference, command center, etc. For users, the viewing distance (or viewing distance) of LED electronic screen is very important. It will affect the advertising coverage and viewing angle of users. So, how to calculate the best and farthest viewing distance of LED electronic screen?

led video wall sign
To understand the calculation method of the visual distance of the LED electronic screen, it is necessary to know the point spacing of the LED electronic screen. The point spacing of the LED electronic screen refers to the center distance between each pixel in the LED electronic screen and each adjacent pixel. The point spacing is usually represented by P, in mm.
Farthest viewing distance: farthest viewing distance of LED electronic screen = screen height (m) × 30 (Times)

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