solutions of indoor outdoor LED video display screen flicker

Although the flickering of the led electronic video screen will not affect the lighting of the led display screens, it seriously affects the user experience of the led display wall customer. Then what is the reason for the flickering of the led electronic screen? Is there any good way to avoid this problem?

Reasons for LED graphic video wall flicker:

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1. The output voltage and current of the power supply are unstable. Do not bring too many boards with the power supply with control card.

2. The network cable between the computer and the screen is too long or the network cable is faulty.

3. Whether the connection line between the power supply and the control card is short-circuited.

4. The control card is broken. Check if the small light on the control card is on? If it is not on, it will be broken.

5. The sending card is broken.

6. The driver loader is wrong.

The corresponding solution for LED electronic screen flicker:

If it’s the whole screen, the picture or shadow is moving, it is usually because the driver loader is wrong. Check the driver loader again, it is impossible to uninstall and reinstall.

Another possibility is that the sending card is broken, and the sending card needs to be replaced at this time.

If it is irregular flicker, it is generally a system frequency problem. Replace the system, or adjust the setting parameters, it can basically be solved!

If it is blinking, it may be a problem with the graphics card driver, or it may be a problem with the resolution setting of the sending card.

Another possibility is the power supply problem (insufficient power supply, information clutter, electromagnetic interference). When designing the PCB, more consideration should be given to the diameter of the power supply and signal traces, and the PCB production process. Adding a few more capacitors to the module also has some improvements.

If the text is flickering (irregular white borders around the text, irregular flickering, and the text disappears after it disappears), this is a problem with the graphics card settings. In the display properties, cancel “Display hidden shadow under menu” and “Smooth edge transition effect” . Can solve such problems.

The above is the reason for the flickering of the LED display walls, and the solution to the flickering of the LED electronic screen, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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