Recommendations for inside outside advertising LED video wall screen buyers

At present, most forms of advertising use LED electronic screens as carriers, and are represented by large outdoor LED electronic screens. Outdoor LED electronic screens P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 P16 account for more than 60% of LED displays. However, with the changes in people’s quality of life and living environment in recent years, outdoor LED electronic large screens need to be installed carefully. Due to the light pollution of outdoor LED electronic screens, it will indirectly or directly affect people’s lives. So when we use the screen, we should consider it from multiple aspects. Here are a few simple considerations for the demander.

big led display screen

led electronic screen

The first point:’Big’ is not just good. Now there are many demanders who are blindly pursuing to make big screens. In fact, the advice given from a professional point of view is that it is better to be big than clever. Nowadays, most of the demanders are doing big things and saving trouble. In fact, it is better to use your brains and fill it with creativity.

The second point: the use of LED electronic large screens in multiple ways, large screens are not only used to broadcast advertisements, but the country is now advocating cultural squares. Wouldn’t it be better to use a big screen to spread some of China’s cultural essence?

The third point: Pay attention to the LED creative display. Interaction should become the highlight of the large LED screen. Advertisers can use money to buy a larger screen in order to get more attention. The conversion between attention and desire to buy is the ultimate function of large LED screens. Advertisers should understand that the role of large LED screens is to win attention with size and win the market with interaction.

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