led traffic display screen signs VMS is important

led electronic screen traffic guidance signs are very important for the VMS led display in the street, it can be P2.5 P3 P3.33 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 and P16 outdoor waterproof led video displays.

Are you also forced to wait for the next traffic light by crowds of people, are you suffering from noisy car bells and headaches. We control the traffic from the source.

led traffic display screen

Now the pace of urbanization is getting faster and faster, roads are being built everywhere, there are high speeds, railways, etc.

Small cities also need to be a little better, but in big cities, sometimes standing at the intersection of traffic lights is sometimes straightforward, you will find that someone will keep walking. Whether the red light is on or the green light is on. There are so few people on the sidewalk. If you want to play in the downtown section, please don’t drive.

Walking in the city, the prosperous road will leave some deep impressions, of course there are good and bad.

First of all, we first set up led electronic screen at the intersection with high traffic volume, pay attention to the best equipped with speakers. Even if you pretend to be invisible, use sound to stimulate your nerves.

Of course, the most important thing is to raise pedestrians’ awareness of road rights and civilization. Nowadays, in Hangzhou, zebra crossing front courtesy of pedestrians has become the habit of most drivers. Since 2008, with the civilized demonstration of 13,000 bus drivers in the main urban area of ​​Hangzhou, the courtesy of taxis and private cars has become increasingly common.

It can be seen that the power of role models is powerful. Relevant departments should increase the propaganda of led electronic screens, and guide more pedestrians to correctly understand and exemplaryly abide by China’s Road Traffic Safety Law, Road Traffic Safety Law Implementation Regulations, and local traffic regulations. For pedestrian violations, law enforcement departments should increase crackdowns and penalties. Among them, it is necessary to strictly regulate the “individual” behavior of vehicle drivers, but also to come up with a solution to the group violations of “crossing the road in groups.”

“It is necessary to have both a sense of rights and a concept of the rule of law.” Experts said that without observing public rules, letting go of our own freedom would lead to the chaos of “crossing the road in groups.” No matter pedestrians, non-motor vehicle drivers, motor vehicle drivers, or administrative law enforcers, they must have the right awareness of road rights and the concept of the rule of law. The two promote each other so that road users can better enjoy road rights.

Regarding this aspect of transportation, it is still necessary to vigorously promote led electronic screens and guide them vigorously.

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