LED digital wall screen will improve in pixel pitch and shapes

From single and double color to full-color led electronic screen, from square led screen to transparent screen, from long-distance large point distance to short distance small space video wall,  like p1.25 p0.9 p1.56,  LED electronic screen has been incomparable in terms of color, shape, clarity, or tolerance. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the application field of LED electronic screen, more and more diverse uses, and the rapid development of market segments, LED electronic screen is derived from small spacing LED electronic screen, LED light strip screen, led transparent screen, led double flip electronic screen and other distinctive market segments. From these prosperous products, we can also see that in recent years, the most obvious change of LED electronic screen is the definition and shape, so what will LED electronic screen become in the next five years?

led video panel

No.1. Outdoor led screen: visual stimulation creates new air outlet
Now in the trend of outdoor advertising prosperity, it is no longer easy for outdoor advertising screen to get a bright effect. Therefore, more and more media companies begin to favor the display carrier with large area, forcing pedestrians around to pay attention to it.
However, such a huge advertising area is almost impossible to meet, so media companies and advertising have also found a new way to pursue cool display effect, so the trend of three-dimensional, 3D and creative display has begun to rise. For example, the Coca Cola advertising screen in New York Times Square, which has attracted much attention recently, its absolute eye-catching ability implicitly indicates the development direction of outdoor advertising screen in the future. It is reported that the 68 foot high and 42 foot wide dynamic device on the external surface of the building is composed of 1760 moving LED screen pillars, showing a very smooth flow effect.

No.2. Indoor screen: more detailed classification
After laying a broad road for LED electronic screen in the indoor application market with small spacing, enterprises and manufacturers also seize the opportunity to launch a variety of display products to seize the market cake of traditional display devices. Among them, the first shot is the security screen, which is different from the splicing defects of the traditional screen. The advantages of seamless splicing and highlight of small spacing products force the former and make great progress all the way. It is reported that at present, small spacing products only replace about 20% of DLP and other splicing screen markets, which shows that its future development is also promising.
In addition, LED electronic screen is more widely used in the field of commercial display, so led poster screen, led mirror screen, LED advertising machine and other products are also born. Different from the previous general indoor electronic screens, these subdivision products have different functions according to different display needs and different use methods, which is also more conducive to the penetration of LED electronic screens in the indoor commercial display market.

No.3. Performance & operation: the wind of intelligence
In the past, LED electronic screen was mostly used in the field of outdoor large screen display, far away from the viewing crowd, so its functional requirements were mainly display. However, with the more and more extensive use of LED electronic screen, and the rapid development of intelligent technology in the world, the demand for interactive performance of LED electronic screen has become a matter of course. Just like LED floor tile screen, in order to achieve better dancing effect, the performance of human screen interaction is also necessary, and led induction floor tile screen came into being

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