How to connect moving door with transparent LED video display screen?

With the influence of the market, transparent LED display has been paid more and more attention by led screen manufacturers. In some enterprises, the use of the led screen to put advertising will produce transparent display. In the display of traditional LED display screen, there may be a little aesthetic fatigue, and then a new solution is to install transparent LED display on the mobile door. This product mainly adopts energy conservation and environmental protection The material technology combines transparent LED display screen and glass door, which can not only maintain the ultra-high permeability of glass, but also realize video playback by controlling the photoelectric display effect. The door induction setting is adopted. If someone moves the door close to the transparent LED display screen, the door will automatically feel and open to move left and right, which is not only a transparent display wall, but also a creation for the site environment Italy mobile door, transparent display screen is ultra light, ultra-thin, high permeability, low energy consumption.

Transparent LED display
Technical principle of transparent LED display: LED display screen has the characteristics of transparent glass, the permeability is 50% ~ 90%, and the thickness of display panel is about 10 mm, and its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation mode. The micro innovation on LED display screen improves the chip manufacturing technology, lamp beads and control system, and increases the hollow design structure. In this way, the display technology design greatly reduces the obstruction of structural components to the line of sight, and improves the perspective effect to the maximum extent. The transparent display screen adopts the refined and simplified, frameless design, and reduces the width of the box keel and the number of light bars, so as to achieve the maximum The effect of permeability was improved. It is installed behind the glass and close to the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the glass size, which has little impact on the light transmittance of the glass curtain wall, so it is easy to install and maintain.
The main structure of transparent LED screen box is as follows
1. Mask: one is to accumulate the wavelength to make the color uniform, the eye looks less different, and the other is to protect the lamp bead
2. Transparent module: mainly including PCB board and LED lamp bead, main display device.
3. Cabinet: it is the support function, other modules and power supply are supported on it. It is made of die-casting aluminum or aluminum profile material, which is durable and has no deformation.
4. Board: as a connection platform, it is possible to coordinate power supply, receiving card and module together.
5. Power supply: it is the heart of the box, which converts the external power supply into its own luminous power.
6. Receiving card, responsible for receiving external signals and processing the “brain”.
7. If there are lines in the box, it is the blood vessel of the LED transparent screen box to maintain the operation of the box.
8. The signal connecting line outside the box and the power line of the power supply can enter the box.

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