how to buy a transparent LED display screen for video show?

Transparent LED display advertising media is a new type of transparent display product that uses human vision principles to produce or create a new type of transparent led video display product.  Because of its large-area display characteristics, transparent LED displays generally adopt a modular box design, which can be assembled into a giant screen by DIY, with or without frame design, can be assembled in special shapes, and can also be curved to show a perfect transparent display effect.

Since 2019. Transparent LED displays are gradually recognized by the market, and are widely used in architectural curtain walls, shopping malls, glass windows, high-end exhibitions, stage and other major fields. The following is an analysis of what relevant knowledge you need to know before buying a transparent led display?

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1. Lamp beads
The commonly used lamp beads for transparent LED display screens are mainly divided into ‘positive light’ and ‘side light’.
Positive-emitting lamp beads are generally commonly used in the led industry: mature technology, matte technology is adopted, which can inhibit reflection and show good color effect.
The side-emitting lamp beads are dedicated to the transparent LED screen; the side pins, UV protection, white frame (increased brightness), higher permeability, and high reliability.
Two, SMD patch method
There are two common mounting methods “SMD front and SMD side mounting”, which are very mature and stable. The difference I think is:
SMD positive stickers are transparent no matter from which angle they are viewed, and have an advantage in viewing angles.
The SMD side sticker looks more transparent at certain angles, and the transparency at some angles will be blocked by the light board; it has an advantage in a fixed viewing angle.

Three, drive IC

Led driver chips can be divided into general-purpose chips and special-purpose chips.
Looking at the performance indicators of LED display screens, refresh rate, gray level and image expressiveness are one of the most important indicators. This requires high consistency of current between the LED display driver IC channels, high-speed communication interface rate and constant current response speed. In the past, the refresh rate, grayscale, and utilization rate were in a trade-off relationship. To ensure that one or two of the indicators were superior, the remaining one or two indicators had to be sacrificed appropriately. For this reason, it is difficult for many LED displays to have the best of both worlds in practical applications. Either they are not refreshed enough, black lines are prone to appear under high-speed camera shooting, or the grayscale is not enough and the color brightness is inconsistent.

In the application of transparent LED display, in order to ensure the user’s long-term eye comfort, low brightness and high gray have become a particularly important standard to test the performance of driver ICs.

Four, profile structure and process

The profile structure has the most stable frame and is suitable for large glass curtain walls. Borderless ones are suitable for small area transparent display applications within 5 meters. Lock fast loading is only applicable to rental and party scenes. The special shape must be customized according to the actual situation on site.
In terms of profile materials and technology, it has developed from the most primitive iron frame to the current aluminum alloy profile, tempered glass and optical grade acrylic. The surface treatment process of aluminum profile is better than spraying. Tempered glass is better than acrylic in durability, and acrylic is better than tempered glass in safety and weight

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