Design principle of indoor outdoor led video display

1. Pixel density of the led displays:The effective visual distance of LED electronic screen is generally 2m-16m. In order to make the viewer have the best visual effect, it is necessary to select the led display screen point spacing according to the equivalent retinal distance. the average led display distance is 9 meters, the LED electronic screen display requirements with P3 spacing can be selected. If the visual distance is 5 meters, p1.667 LED electronic screen can be selected to meet the display requirements.

The distance between pixels on the screen is usually 0.1 mm. Because the distance below 0.1 mm exceeds the limit of retinal resolution, it can not be distinguished no matter how close you look, so it is regarded as a whole visually. The corresponding pixel density is about 300 ppi.

led screen wall
The calculation formula is as follows:
0.1 / 300 = x / 9000 (human eye resolution wiring / maximum resolution limit distance = LED display distance / average visual distance)
X = 3; (the LED display screen with an average visual distance of 9 meters can give the audience the most eye-catching visual effect with P3)
2. Silence
If the site is suitable for enclosed space, the noise control requirements are very high. The traditional LCD and DLP splicing are equipped with cooling fan, which generates buzz while cooling. LED electronic panel does not need cooling fan for heat dissipation, and the power supply is equipped with fan free silent power supply. Redundant power configuration ensures that the effective load of the power supply is less than 60%, thus ensuring a quiet environment in the Planning Museum.
3. Consistency of super large splicing
Compared with the traditional LCD and DLP splicing, LED electronic screen unit module splicing will not appear black frame, which can achieve super large display panel splicing. At the same time, LED electronic screen can ensure that the brightness and chroma of the modules are consistent, so as to achieve the best display effect of the whole screen. In terms of viewing angle, the left and right and up and down view angles of LED electronic screen are as high as 120 degrees, which can completely cover all corners of the venue indoor.
4. Lightweight design
In indoor places such as venues, the space is quite limited. In order to make more efficient use of space, the lightweight design of LED electronic screen is particularly important. The LED electronic screen can be installed on the wall with a thickness of 100 mm. The LED electronic screen can be installed on any wall to meet the display installation of all places in the site.
5. System architecture
There will be multiple displays in the venue. We have designed an integrated control for the LED electronic screen control center. We only need a computer to control multiple LED electronic screens at the same time. At the same time, the video processor integrated into the system can access various image input signals, and timely and accurately put the video picture information on the corresponding display screen.

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